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We’re looking for stories of what God is doing in this unusual time.  Please take a minute to share your story.  The hope is that we can encourage one another; that we can know that we are not alone in this time, that we are all enduring some of the same struggles, and that God is moving and doing and working on our behalf and will see us through.

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Here are some questions that might be helpful in telling your story:

  • How has your life changed in this time of Coronavirus?  How has your day to day been affected?
  • How are you feeling?  (Lonely, Uncertain, Bored, Scared, Hopeful, Peaceful, Etc.)
  • What has been removed from your life in these times?  (Job, People, Travel, Peace, Busyness, Freedom to do whatever/whenever, Etc.)
  • What has been added to your life in these times?  (Financial stresses, Quiet, Stillness, Togetherness (family), Too much togetherness, more work, Etc.)
  • Have you seen God’s blessings in your life in this time or someone’s life that you know?  (I.E. How has God showed up in your life over the past few weeks?) (Stories with details, please)
  • In what ways are you trying to be helpful to those around you in a time of mandatory social distancing?
  • How have people been helpful to you in this time?
  • What do you think God is teaching you in this time?
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As Highland Christian Church gathers, we do so with caution and a desire to honor our state/county recommendations. Highland also desires to honor the Scripture and the practice of Christian gathering.

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