Highland Prayer


  • Examine your need. Are you missing that you need to be saved at all? OR, have you become so accustomed to your traditions and routines, that you are on auto-pilot and could live your Christian faith “without Jesus?”

  • Whose goodness are you trusting in? Examine your actions: Are they marked by pride and arguments toward being right or are they marked by humility and desires to serve?

  • Is your zeal misdirected right now? Have you forgotten what matters most in these very difficult and loss filled days? As our losses begin to surface, our grief can cause us to hold tightly to idols that do not free us, but constrict and choke us…

  • Are your actions revealing that you don’t understand God’s way of making people right with Himself? Are you more like the Pharisee than the tax gatherer, pointing out your faithfulness to do the law, but missing the point of a heart that simply loves God for His faithfulness?

  • During this pandemic have you grasped at control in ways you thought you were past? Is God revealing that you are clinging to your ways in crisis RATHER than continuing to learn surrender in a daily practice?

  • Are you confessing Jesus with your mouth, but in your heart believing something else will save you in this season?

  • Has your conversation been filled with light or aimed at being right? Have you forgotten the beautiful feet that came and announced Good News to you in the midst of your crisis and that He has made a way for you to do the same?

Under Construction

As Highland Christian Church gathers, we do so with caution and a desire to honor our state/county recommendations. Highland also desires to honor the Scripture and the practice of Christian gathering.

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